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Long-term rental

Long-term rental management

Do you have more apartments or own the entire building? Are you interested in a stable, secure and long-term contract? Long-term rental management is a service tailored to your needs – check our offer and see what you can gain from us!


We will find and verify the tenants of your apartments, take care of the formalities and service for guests, we will make sure that payments and reservations are timely. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy a steady and, above all, reliable income without leaving your home!

  • Verification

    You can be sure that we will carefully check the people who rent your apartments! You do not have to be afraid of scammers and fraudsters, we treat your apartment as our own houses, so we will not let just anyone into them!

  • Rent settlement

    You also leave financial matters to us. Rent, deposit, advance payment - we will take care of the settlements and you will always receive your money on time, without leaving your home.

  • Payment of bills

    Do you have enough of your own bills to pay and you don't want to remember about additional utility bills in your apartments? You're welcome! We are happy to take on us the management of these payments.

  • Repairs and maintenance

    We want the tenants of your apartments to feel good in them, so every time they report a failure of any equipment or element of the apartment, we immediately send verified professionals there.

  • Tenants service

    We make sure that the tenants of your apartments are always satisfied, which is why we offer them all assistance at every stage of the lease. We answer their questions, we solve their problems.

  • Periodic inspection of apartments

    We carry out apartment inspections, repair any damage, you are kept informed of any significant events, but you do not have to get involved in them.

  • Handling of postal correspondence

    You leave all the paperwork in our hands. The same applies to your mailboxes in places where you have apartments that are under our care.

  • Photo session

    Our professional photographer will take photos that will fully reflect the charm of your apartments. You will not incur any costs related to the photo session.

  • Looking for a tenant

    All activities related to finding tenants, issuing offers, completing formalities are on our side. All you have to do is give us the keys and your rental requirements.

  • Inventory of the apartment

    Before we give the tenant the keys to your apartment, we will carefully check it and document its condition, so that you can be sure that when the lease is ended, its condition will not change.

  • Installation of the Internet, TV, gas, electricity

    If your apartments are not equipped with any utilities and the tenant would like to use them, you do not have to waste time looking for a good supplier - we will do it for you!

  • Designing apartments

    We are also happy to help you with the design of the newly acquired apartments. We understand that you may not have time for this, our team will efficiently and comprehensively deal with this topic.

Long-term rental price list

Comprehensive long-term management service

Finding a tenant

Search and verification of tenant

Settlement of rent or deposit

Bills management

Help in gas, electricity, internet installation

24/7 tenant care

Inventory and periodic checking of the apartment

Handling of postal correspondence

Preparation and publication of the advertisement

Professional photo session


the first rent


monthly rent (minimum PLN 300)


of first rent

How it works?

  • 1

    After familiarizing yourself with our long-term rental management offer, you decide on the most convenient form of cooperation. We sign the contract and arrange all the details.

  • 2

    You leave your apartment or several premises under our care. We deal with preparing them for rent and we search and verify tenants.

  • 3

    We provide you with correspondence, pay bills and deal with ongoing repairs. You get a steady, reliable income from long-term rental without leaving your home.

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