Zarządzanie najmem krótkoterminowym

How can we help you?

How to start cooperation?

It's easy! Contact us and tell us what you expect. We will present the suitable offer. After signing the contract and handing over the apartment keys to us, we prepare it for rent. From now on, you can relax and enjoy the rental income.

Is there any entry fee to use your services?

We do not charge any initial fees.

What is included in the comprehensive management offer?

We take responsibility for full property management: positioning on leading travel portals, reservations, contact with guests, check-in and check-out service, cleaning or linen change. We also offer assistance in organizing transport from and to the airport, if the guest wish, and a welcome gift, so that they feel at home from the very first moments. In addition, by tracking the market trends, we are able to optimize the offer and generate as many views and bookings as possible. If you need more information, please contact us at: bok@hosthelper.pl

How the payments are processed?

At the end of each month, we sum up all payments for reservations made on your apartment and, after deducting the commission, we send them directly to the bank account you provide. Transfers are made once a month.

How can I control the occupancy of my premises?

You will get access to the Owner's Panel, where you can check the occupancy and income from each reservation with its detailed calculation. In addition, at the end of each month, we will send you an e-mail with a summary statement of the given renting period.

What is the obligated duration of the cooperation?

Comprehensive Management Service assumes a minimum period of six months. Due to seasonality and other factors, a period of less than 6 months might not fully reflect the income that you would have gained from using Hosthelper over an extended period of time.

When will the apartment be available for rent after the signing of the contract?

After handing over the fully prepared apartment to us, we need a few days to organize a professional photo session and prepare listings.

Jak wyglądać będzie moje zaangażowanie po nawiązaniu współpracy?

Z momentem nawiązania współpracy i przekazaniem lokalu, możesz zrelaksować się wiedząc, że twoje mieszkanie jest w odpowiednich rękach. Koniec z przegapionymi szansami na rezerwacje, telefonami od klientów, którym w środku nocy zginęły klucze lub pękła rura z wodą. Koniec z obowiązkami związanymi z meldowaniem i wymeldowaniem gości oraz wynajęciem osób do sprzątania. Odtąd będziesz jedynie oczekiwać na raporty i płatności wysyłane na koniec każdego miesiąca.

I am not the owner of my premises. Can I still use your services?

First you need to talk to the landlord and get their written consent.

I have a new apartment that requires renovation and furnishing. Can you help with its preparation?

Of course! We work with people who are professionals in this field. Contact us and we will be happy to see your premises and discuss ideas for the interior design.

What in case of emergency situations that require quick intervention, such as a water leak, electricity failure or lost keys? Will you handle it?

Guest service is our main priority, so we will always try to meet their individual needs and expectations.

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